Digital Photogrammetry

Digital Photogrammetry is the next step in heritage preservation and documentation. It provides a quick, cost-effective way to document most heritage and archaeological sites for a variety of uses in historic preservation and conservation including documentation, site planning and monitoring, and for public outreach and understanding of sites, virtual museums and augmented reality.

Painted Ceiling in Old Acre, Israel

This painted ceiling was documented three-dimensionally as part of a Historical Documentation I did on the building it is located in, inside of Old Acre (Akko/Akka) in the North of Israel.

2nd Layer Kabri Aqueduct

This is part of the documentation project of the Kabri-Akko Aqueduct in the North of Israel. This part of the Aqueduct had to be dismantled due to development. This gave us the opportunity to not only understand the construction of the aqueduct better but also to document it layer by layer using digital photogrammetry. This is the result obtained from the second layer of the Aqueduct.

Inscription on Sabil in Old Yaffo

This is the inscription in Arabic on the large, monumental Sabil (fountain) located in the city of Jaffa (Yafa) along the central coast of Israel.